Partnership agreement between the Arab Institute for Human Rights and the Center for training and supporting decentralization of the Ministry of the Interior

Tunis, 10 April 2013

This morning a partnership agreement was signed by Mr. Abdelbasset Ben Hassan, President of the Arab Institute for Human Rights and Mr. Adel Ben Yaklaf Director of the Center for training and supporting decentralization of the Ministry of the Interior.

The agreement signed aims at consolidating the cooperation between the two institutions, in order to serve the principles of human rights and citizenship participation in all regions of Tunisia. Mr. Khalil, Minister of Social Affairs and Mr. Said Mechichi, State Secretary to the Minister of the Interior in charge of regional affairs and local communities were present when the agreement was signed.

Among the areas covered by the agreement:

-Spreading a culture of human rights and general training for the benefit of the personnel of administration including municipality officials, mayors and governors and other regional officials on general issues of democratic participation, local democracy and open government.

-Stating examples and models on issues of participatory democracy, local democracy and the participation of citizens in decision-making and budgeting.

-Exchange of experience and dissemination of experiences on the role of citizens, civil society organizations and decision makers in the areas of participation, participatory democracy in local governance and development.





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