Participants in the dialogue meeting on: «Declaration of Principles of Peaceful Conduct between Political Parties», consider the Declaration as a reference to renounce violence and study the appropriate mechanisms to activate its process.

The Arab Institute for Human Rights, the Institute of Press and Information Sciences and Konrad Adenauer Foundation organized yesterday, Wednesday February the 27th, 2013, a dialogue meeting. This later was attended by the parties that signed the «Declaration of Principles of Peaceful Conduct between Political Parties», which was the result of a project that has continued for more than a year and a half in order to support the capacities of political parties. Most parties that signed the declaration have contributed to its drafting and presented already their observations during a meeting held on December 28th, 2012.

The political Parties that participated in the meeting held yesterday indicated that the Declaration could already be a common ground for a national dialogue and a binding tool in dealing between them. The participants provided their perceptions regarding a mechanism that the Declaration would be its reference and which is working on Human Rights education and democracy as well as renouncing violence.

Professor Abdel Basset Ben Hassan, President of the Arab Institute for Human Rights highlighted the importance of the involvement of most of the Tunisian political Parties in this project. He expressed his regret to the fact that «Ennahdha Movement» didn't sign this document. He wished that the movement would carry on participating in this process, especially that it was one of its components through all the previous stages and particularly in training sessions and dialogue meetings.

It should be noted that the signing campaign of the Declaration of Principles of Peaceful Conduct between Political Parties is still continuing after the signing of twenty-seven parties, and we hope that all parties will join them.






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      The 1650 squared meters building is located in a marginalized poor and over populated locality named Essaida. In its northern part, Essaida Neighborhood is adjacent to another similar neighborhood called El Hilal. Whereas the southern part continues to Martyrs Neighborhood that is separates from the El Wardia Neighborhood by the Martyrs Cemetery. In its eastern part, Essaida Neighborhood falls on the boarders of the residential district...

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